Why invest in outdoors corporate team building?

Business success in most sectors depends on recruiting, retaining, developing and motivating the right people in the right jobs. Teams that perform well together create an efficient way to enhance business performance, but many organisations overlook opportunities to exploit team potential – when was the last time your organisation focused on the team above customer or product issues?

Using the outdoors provides a unique, highly challenging and stimulating environment within which to develop working together as a team. Outdoor scenarios and challenges accelerate real learning about issues relating to risk-taking, creative problem solving, decision-making, and resourcing, as well as leadership and handling conflict. Using the outdoors stretches comfort zones and poses a fresh challenge that you wouldn’t find in the classroom.

Benefits to your team:

  • Increase team motivation
  • Improve effectiveness and sense of direction
  • Empower senses of well-being and self-esteem
  • Enhance abilities to relate to and influence others
  • Increase capability and resilience

Benefits to your organisation

  • Helping teams to increase their own capabilities and flexibility
  • Increased effectiveness for bottom line results
  • Develop loyalty and retention
  • Attract new team members and ensure effective onboarding
  • Promote a health and well-being culture

Consider quality rather than frequency of team building and ensure the outdoors provider enables a safe environment which enables people to stretch their own comfort zone without panic.

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