Top tips for a hen party or stag do in Bath

Great news, you’ve selected the perfect city to plan your best mates’ last shindig as a single person. Bath has it all – nightlife, easy to travel to, great food and accommodation, and most importantly, great activity options for a truly memorable weekend. Now the pressure is on to organise a perfect do. The adventure experts’ team at Original Wild has created some top tips to help you plan an amazing hen party or stag do in Bath.

  1. Make the weekend all about your best mate. Sounds obvious but the only person you truly need to impress is him/her. So don’t get side-tracked about what the others want to do whilst away from their partner/family/work/personal limitations – concentrate on what will make your stag or hen laugh and remember, forever. If they are sporty or competitive make sure you’ve got some team fun and games, if they love craft beers or cocktails pick the best bar in Bath.
  2. Do one thing that’s really different. We’ve all been to dos that follow a certain recipe – nights out, a daytime activity, fancy dress, ‘hilarious’ games such as pin the tail on your hubby/facemasks of your future wife. So do just one thing that everyone will remember forever – our most popular recommendation: Stand up paddleboarding is really fun and a great way to see the city/do a pub crawl!
  3. Set budgets upfront. Making decisions for the group (some of whom you have never met) can be awkward. We recommend sending an email out to everyone at the start to let them know that the budget is a certain amount per head with booze and food on top. This saves any red face down the line. In Bath expect to plan £200-£300/head to include accommodation, a few activities over the weekend, party props/fancy dress for the hen/stag, and a drink and snack supply at your temporary HQ.
  4. Get a Filofax/spreadsheet/post-it, whatever works to be organised. If you’re planning it all yourself, you’ve got a lot on your plate so start by making a list of essentials: accommodation, activities, one night spot in Bath to reserve. If there’s several of you on the organising committee – don’t panic – but do divide and conquer. Each person can take one job to do and promise to not interfere with each other’s. Word of warning: don’t organise by what’s app committee it will only end in sad face emojis…
  5. Get a souvenir. Always nice to have something to remember the weekend by other than hangovers or bad facebook photos. At Original Wild we always provide the Hen or Stag a special souvenir like a t-shirt. That’s a happy-face emoji…
  6. Keep it central. Everyone has probably travelled a fair way by train, plane and car, so the last thing they want is to have to travel to other locations or to Bristol to do activities. The saying goes that everywhere in Bath city centre is 20 minutes walk. We stick to this rule at Original Wild, where our founder and HQ is based in the city so as well as providing great activities we’ll share good advice about the best pubs, bars, restaurants.
  7. KISS. Not a random stranger… but ‘keep it simple, stupid’. Don’t stress out about bookings and reservations. We recommend using trusted websites and check out reviews on facebook for the most honest feedback about activity providers, bars and restaurants in the city.

Good luck, and relax – you’ve chosen one of the best cities in the world to plan your hen party/stag do!

We’re here to help. Browse our hen and stag party activities or contact the adventure experts at Original Wild for further advice and information.

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