The Bath Water sports package

Designed for large groups of 11 people and over, our two hour Bath Water Sports Package helps to combine the ultimate mixture of craft to provide your group with the most adventurous way to witness the historic city of Bath!

With bigger groups there’s always the chance of having varying degrees of confidence and ability. Being able to take out numerous types of craft will help find a middle ground for those a little less confident (also it’s super fun to swap around mid-session!).

You and your group will be kitted up with top-quality safety gear before making your way down to the water’s edge for a safety brief and a quick masterclass in how to paddle your chosen craft. Once you’re on the water, the games can begin!


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Mega SUP

Each of our giant paddleboards at Original Wild (lovingly referred to as Mega SUPs) is capable of holding up to 10 fully grown adults (comfortably!).
These giant floating platforms of fun are nigh on impossible to tip over and are great for carrying groups of people together. Work efficiently with your team mates to navigate this giant craft and see the best that Bath has to offer. 

Our Mega SUPs also make the perfect battle platform for some friendly fun and games between your group! Don’t worry, our instructors will provide the challenges – you just need to bring a sense of adventure!

Tandem Kayaks

Our tandem kayaks are the perfect alternative to stand up paddling. Sit back, make yourself comfy and ease your way past your team mates as they focus on keeping themselves balanced.

Working efficiently as a duo, you will have twice the paddle power, twice the speed and twice the ability to splash the rest of your group as you glide past them!

Although there are two seats, you’re under no obligation to fill them both. Our tandem kayaks are perfectly capable of being navigated by one person if you’re more of a solo paddler; we get it!

Stand Up Paddleboards

Stand up paddleboarding has been the fastest growing water sport in the world for the last few years and it’s easy to see why. It’s just you, your board and the iconic sights of Roman Bath as you silently glide past.

However, we know exactly how these big groups turn out and it’s more likely that you’ll be competing in games and challenges with the rest of your mixed-craft team mates. Swapping crafts, water bowling, Mega SUP sumo wrestling, board tricks and splashing techniques; the fun and games are endless!

Groups of 11 and over allow you to benefit from our group discount saving £4 per person as well as being able to secure your booking with just a 20% deposit payment. The remainder is then payable 6 weeks before your adventure date. Please note we will not be able to cancel, refund or reduce your booking within 6 weeks of your experience.

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For group sizes of 31 and over, please email or call our team on 01225 582181 and we will be happy to help.

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