Mega Stand Up Paddleboarding!

Team up with your friends and family to experience the thrill of riding our Mega GIANT stand up paddleboard through the City of Bath! Our Giant SUP can be used as a platform of fun, games and laughter, or a platform of calm serenity whilst you paddle gently down the river. Either way you’re guaranteed to leave with a smile.

Learn to work effectively as a team as you navigate your way through the centre of Bath. Our Mega SUP boards can hold 10 people each and are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Get your friends, family and loved ones involved on our private Mega SUP Sessions in Bath. Test your teamwork and enjoy big splashes with smiles for miles! Our Giant SUP Sessions are a unique and enjoyable experience for friends and families of all ages.

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Super size your fun on our super-sized GIANT stand up paddle board! Our Giant SUP’s are able to carry up to 10 people making it the perfect craft for friendship groups big or small. 

If you’re not sure on numbers but don’t want to miss out, please feel free to book the minimum number of 4 guests and then extend at a later date.

We have three Mega SUP’s at our adventure base so there’s no shortage of space! Secure your session today and come and join the fun with Original Wild!