Absolutely! All of our tours are focussed entirely around you as a customer. This is your time to learn something new regardless of your previous experience. No matter your age, background or ability, our instructors will help and encourage you every step (or paddle!) of the way.

If you’re stand up paddle boarding then there is always a small chance of you falling into the water. Having said that, we’ve had total beginners join us who have managed to stay standing up and dry for the whole session! We can provide extra paddle clothing free of charge to keep you nice and warm.

However getting wetter means you’re getting better! The more you get over the fear of falling then the more confident and comfortable you’ll become. Believe us, going for a quick dip is a good thing!

Please dress for the weather:

If it’s chilly we will provide extra equipment. Wetsuits are optional during the summer and
you’ll probably overheat wearing one. We recommend bringing quick drying clothing such as leggings / swim shorts and advise against cotton and jeans that are cold and uncomfortable when wet.

Dry Land activities
Please make sure you are wearing clothes and footwear to keep you warm and dry during the average UK weather. Trainers or sensible footwear is recommended.

If society allowed us, we would go everywhere bare foot! We definitely recommend leaving your socks and shoes in your bag or in the van. For paddleboarding, you will instantly improve your balance. For kayaking, you will save your shoes getting wet from the self-bailing holes! It’s a win-win.

Please bring clothes you don’t mind getting wet and we recommend paddling barefoot. Please dress for the weather and try to avoid cotton and jeans that are wet when cold. We also recommend bringing a towel and a change of clothes.

To save you losing out on time at the start of your session we recommend that you arrive suitably dressed for your activity. If you are on the water and you finish your session slightly damp (that’s where the fun is!) we do have towel robes for you to change underneath.

Bags and valuables can be locked away in our van whilst we’re on the water.

We offer high quality wetsuit trousers, and wind proof jacket combos on chilly days. If you catch the cold easily you may want to wear one but for most of the summer they’re optional. Buoyancy aids and rash vests are mandatory.

For all of our paddle sessions we require participants to be able to swim 15 metres in light clothing.

Although we provide high-quality buoyancy aids, there will be certain situations where swimming may be necessary. 

We provide high-quality buoyancy aids for all water activities. Your safety is our number one priority and we want you to feel comfortable and confident at all times.

Our paddle tours will go ahead in all weathers, come rain or shine! There’s really no better place to be than on the water if the heavens have opened.

The wild weather helps to add an incredible atmosphere, plus you’ll generally have the river to yourself! We will only postpone/cancel sessions if the conditions are severe and/or dangerous.

We mayo have to rebook you if we deem conditions to be unsuitable (e.g. very strong winds, fast river flow etc.), but we are not put off by a bit of rain or wind.

If your session is cancelled by us you will have an option to change activity (if available), reschedule, or receive a refund.

We have a variety of boards for different sized paddlers and aim to be as inclusive as possible. We’ve found heavier people can struggle to stand up straight away on paddleboards but you’re also welcome to stay on your knees as long as you like.

Having said this, our boards have a maximum rider weight of 140 kg. If you weigh over this you may still be able to take part but we’d suggest booking onto a private session first, and contacting us first so we can make sure our larger boards are available.

We can take large groups of up to 50+ people.

All sessions are booked and paid for in advance online. Group bookings are confirmed on receipt of deposit.

If you are joining us at our central Bath Riverside base, we generally recommend:

  • Charlotte Street Car Park BA1 2NE (5-8 min walk)
  • Avon Street Car Park BA1 1UF (10 min walk).

We are also a short walk (12 minutes) from central Bath train station and Southgate bus station.

Please do not drive directly to our site as parking is ANPR limited and parking restrictions are enforced.

Our exclusive launch site for paddlesports in central Bath can be found here on Google Maps. 

Alternatively we are based just next to Victoria Bridge @ Victoria Bridge Road, Bath Riverside, BA2 3FL

Alternative adventure locations are provided in your confirmation email upon receipt of payment. If you’ve missed them, please contact us at

We aim to start on time so please arrive five minutes early for your session. Our team will have everything set up for you ready to go!

We recommend allowing 2-hours for all of our paddle sessions. This time includes meeting your instructor, kitting up, safety brief and returning to base etc.

First of all – don’t stress! If you are running a few minutes behind then there’s no need to worry. Generally, if your start time passes and our instructors haven’t seen you, they will give you a quick call to make sure everything is ok. 

Starting a little late isn’t an issue – it will just mean you get less time on the water due to the day’s following sessions.

If you can’t attend the session you’ve booked and you’ve given us plenty of warning, we’ll make every effort to accommodate you on a future session. For group bookings please refer to our T&C’s here.

Absolutely! Our instructors will take photos of you on the water so you don’t have to risk bringing your camera or phone.

Group photos are sent to you directly via WhatsApp.

This is a fairly unique answer and it really depends on the individual. There’s no pressure, it’s all about having fun and trying new things. We’ve taken plenty of pregnant ladies paddling but please let us know before hand so we can offer you a buoyancy aid and a larger board to make you feel more comfortable. We advise following the advice of a healthcare professional.

Being in the centre of Bath, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to post-session refreshments!

On the cooler days you may want to grab a coffee or hot chocolate from Coffee #1 just opposite our base. During the summer months, there are many pubs within walking distance for a cold drink and a bite to eat.

Unfortunately not.

Our team reserve the right to refuse or remove participants from activities where their behaviour is endangering themselves or others due to excessive intake of alcohol – No refunds will be given.

In some circumstances we can arrange to have your four-legged friend on the water with you. We stock a limited amount of dog-specific buoyancy aids so we can make sure these are available for your session. Alternatively we do run dog-specific sessions! See here.

Please let us know at the time of booking if you wish to bring your dog with you.

We can accommodate children as young as 5 years old.

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