Environmental Activism

Taking back our planet...

As purveyors of outdoor adventure, we know only too well the impact that human life is having on the natural world. We’ve seen rubbish in our rivers, mess on our mountains and waste in our wilderness. Unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to damaging planet Earth; the good news is that this is something we can all control.

To combat something, you must first understand it. Protests and petitions are great for raising awareness for particular causes, but it’s real-world action that ultimately makes the difference. We’re not pretending we can single handedly save the planet; we know there’s a long journey ahead of us to restore the damage that’s been done. 

What we can do, however, is act in the here and now. Our decisions today create the future of tomorrow. If enough of us do our own little bit to combat climate change then we’ve already won half the battle. What can you do to make a change?

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Here at Original Wild we believe in leading by example. How can we promote if we don’t practice? We aim for direct action behind our words and that’s where the company’s decisions make a real difference.

Here are a few ways that Original Wild is practicing sustainability:

  • We are completely paper-free. Booking, confirmation and consent forms are all completed online
  • Our head office runs on 100% renewable energy via solar panels and a biomass boiler
  • We invest in high-quality kit that lasts for 5+ years
  • Our instructors encourage the use of re-useable water bottles on tours
  • We organise regular river clean up sessions such as our ‘Maintain the Avon‘ project
  • We prevent single-use plastics on session
  • Our Original Wild tees are 100% organic cotton and printed locally in Bath

Education & awareness…

We know that the world is changing and, as ever, change takes time. We don’t judge or reject those who are still learning. The only way to create real change is by inclusion, education and awareness. 

We have a fantastic platform to teach others about what we can do to be kinder to the planet. Our instructors are always keen to educate our customers on the following subjects:

  • The wildlife on and around the river in Bath
  • Quality and durable equipment that won’t need replacing with unnecessary plastics each year
  • The peregrine falcons’ secret spot on the Avon
  • Ways to up-cycle your paddle equipment
  • Pulling litter out of the river during sessions
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As we know – actions speak louder than words. That’s why alongside our sustainable practices and educational sessions, we like to put the ‘active’ into activism.

Spending so much time on the River Avon allows us to see it at its best and, unfortunately, at its worst. Being the self-proclaimed guardians of the river, this does allow us to run regular clean up sessions such as our ‘Maintain the Avon‘ project. An initiative that introduced subsidised paddle sessions for those who wanted to join us, bin bag in hand, and help keep our aquatic playground perfectly clean.



We are also making ourselves available for any local nature groups or wildlife investigation teams that require our services on the river. If you are looking into river habitats around Bath then please get in touch and we would love to help out. Feel free to send us a message or enquiry using our Contact page.

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