What is Code Break Bath?

Discover the most fun and exciting challenge in the beautifully-historic Roman city of Bath.

Dash across the city to solve clues using your intellect, race against your opposite teams, complete hidden tasks and crack the code to complete the challenge in under 2 hours.

After downloading our purpose-built app, you can log in to the game, add an epic team photo and decide your own winning team name before taking to the cobbled streets of this most historic city.

Swipe through riddles and questions as you walk past iconic monuments, input your answers and gain access to the next location as you race your opponents to the finish line!

Thanks to our unique app design, there is no limit to the amount of people you can play with! From groups of 4 to 40, Code Break Bath is suitable for all.

Why not combine this activity with another fun-filled adventure to create a full day with Original Wild!

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Who is Code Break Bath for?

Code Break Bath has it all; it’s inclusive, fun and exciting for:

       Families & Friends – a fun activity for all abilities no matter the weather

–       Visitors to Bath – an exciting alternative to a guided tour and a unique way to explore our UNESCO world heritage city

–       Corporate Teams – a very popular and customisable choice for a unique team-building activity

–      Stag Do’s & Hen Parties – a perfect land-based activity suitable for all abilities and hangover levels!

How do I book Code Break Bath?

We take a 50% deposit payment through our website to secure and confirm your date and time session. Once you’re booked in it’s time to download our Code Break Bath app! The link for this will be sent via email on receipt of your deposit. This is currently available on Apple Store and Google Play.
Once downloaded you can log in to pay the remaining 50% via the app. This will generate a unique game code for you to share with your group. From here you can log in to the app using your code and get ready for the real fun to begin!


How to play Code Break Bath?

Code Break Bath is best enjoyed in teams of 3 – 8 people (although there’s no limit either way!) Compete against your opposite numbers and see who can solve the questions quickest to make their way to the next location the fastest! We can add in or take away as many point’s of interest as you like. This is a great way to explore the city of Bath whilst learning a bit about the culture and history of such a beautiful area. 

Once you’ve split your group into teams, it’s time for each team to think of a winning name! Submit your name and take an in-app team profile pic – bonus points for best poses!

Teams, names and photos sorted; now the fun begins! Set off in your groups to solve the riddles and answer the questions before your rivals. We have also included some in-app tools to help you along the way – a note pad, rules & top tips, a map, camera access and a help chat function.

We can also tailor the ultimate location and finish point to suit whatever plans you have next. e.g We can set the finish location at a restaurant or pub close by to your next activity.




Central Bath or designated start point at your request.

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