Climbing & Abseiling

Whether it’s your first time rock climbing & abseiling or your looking for a skills & safety course to move to the the next level. We have the right session for you:

  • ‘Intro to climbing’ gives everyone the opportunity to climb and learn all the skills required to keep each other safe whilst having an incredible adventure.
  • Abseil down a cliff face to test your nerve, as a group or individual. Enjoy the view, get some great photos while you control your own speed down the cliff. Our Adventure Experts will have your back the whole time.
  • Choose a skills course to become a more confident climber. Moving on from our intro session learn advanced skills & find new challenges in an indoor or outdoor environment.


  • Harness, helmet & all author safety equipment provided
  • Highly qualified climbing instructor and adventure guide
  • Group first aid kit with qualified first aiders
  • All guides have excellent local knowledge
  • Photographs taken during the activity


  • Under 18’s need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • Over the age of 8 allowed


  • Optional water bottle
  • Coat incase of rain
  • Confortable trainer shoes


Rock climbing venues around Bristol, Cheddar & Wells. Other venues on request. On booking we will discuss the best venue for you.


Suitable for individuals & groups