lifestyle careers at original wild

Have you been dreaming of a job outdoors? Would you like to call the natural world your infinite office? Maybe you’ve never thought your passion could be your career? Well now is the perfect time to turn things around and do what you love for a living! Here at Original Wild we are truly focussed on finding the right person to fit our team; we like to invest in local people with a genuine passion for instructing outdoors.

A lifestyle career starts with a burning desire to do what you enjoy. If the idea of spending your working season bare-foot in shorts and a wetsuit sounds like a good idea; a career as an outdoor instructor could be for you! 

We are a close-knit team at Original Wild, more of a family than a company, and our core values are hard work, team work and enjoyment. We are super lucky to do what we do for a living and we’re always on the lookout for local people who want to get involved too. If spending your days in the sunshine on the water sounds like fun, we’d love to hear from you!

Knowing the City of Bath is paramount to what we do. If you’re from Bath or the surrounding area and want to start your career in the great outdoors – feel free to get in touch today. Qualifications and certificates can always be achieved with a bit of experience and a push in the right direction. What we need from you first of all is a passion for the outdoors and a genuine interest in helping others achieve their goal. We’re people people here at Original Wild. The days can be long, physical and challenging but if you can find satisfaction in helping others; the rewards speak for themselves!

Thanks for taking the time to get in contact with us and we look forward to speaking with you soon!