Unbelievably, Christmas is just around the corner (how did that happen??) and we’re yet to finish (or even start!) our festive gift list. If you, too, find yourself in the unenviable position of still needing to choose presents for your nearest and dearest, we might just have the solution! Here are our top 7 adventure Christmas gifts for this year…


1. OS App Maps Subscription

Whether you’re hiking in Wales, camping in Scotland or checking out the views in Cornwall; the mobile version of OS Maps is an awesome way to find new routes, track your progress or plot future hikes.

All of our instructors have the OS app on their phone and it’s easy to see why. Locate yourself in an instant and use the service as a back-up to your traditional map reading skills. And for only £28.99 for an annual subscription – we think that’s pretty good value!


2. Trekking Poles

Now, you might think that you don’t need any walking poles or hiking poles in your life. Well, we’re here to tell you that they make such a difference that you can’t really afford to not try them out!

Walking poles can protect your knees from impact (especially going downhill), steady you across uneven or boggy terrain and improve your posture whilst hiking. Pictured are our instructor James’ Robens Keswick T6 which are an absolute steal, coming in between £35 – £40. 


3. Adventure Revolution by Belinda Kirk

One of our favourite books that we’ve read this year, Adventure Revolution by explorer and author Belinda Kirk is an absolute must-read for any adventurer!

Making a great stocking-filler or standalone present, this book is full of fascinating stats and facts as to why adventure isn’t only an enjoyable part of our life, but an imperative part too. This is currently sitting at around the £10 mark which we think is an absolute bargain!

4. Waterproof Gloves

There is beauty to be found in the mountains during the winter. The snow-capped peaks, the morning frost on the ground and the empty car parks. However, let’s not pretend winter is not without its issues.

One super important aspect of winter walking is making sure you are wearing the correct gear. A lot of people get this wrong. Layers are important around your body and your extremities are not to be missed either. A decent pair of waterproof/windproof gloves can be the difference between an enjoyable day and a painfully numb set of digits.

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5. Head Torch

Although we’ll pack a head torch for all of our hiking adventures, the winter time definitely requires some form of torch or head lamp. Given the shorter days and wilder weather, you can never be too certain and taking a good quality head torch could get you out of some sticky situations.

The last place you want to be in the cold dark embrace of a winters eve is half way down a mountain. An extra bright light will see you get all the way back to your car safe and sound. And for under £40, we think it’s worth the investment!

6. Sealskinz Socks

Whether your chosen adventurer is hiking the hills or paddling the winter rivers, the waterproof sock collection from Sealskinz will keep their feet and toes dry and toasty.

These socks are 100% waterproof and extremely breathable which means you stay dryer and comfortable for longer. They may be on the expensive side of the budget for socks but trust us – these have kept the smiles going in some pretty unforgiving situations!


7. Original Wild Gift Vouchers

And last but not least on our list of Christmas gift ideas are, of course, our Adventure Gift Vouchers! We have gift vouchers available and redeemable across all of our activities mentioned on our website.

Maybe you know an adventurous couple looking for a romantic paddleboard session, or perhaps your partner is itching to summit the peak of Pen-y-Fan; we have vouchers to suit every budget and adventure!

We hope our list fills you with some inspiration on what to pick up during your next Christmas shopping trip. All of the above gifts have been used or are still being used by our team of instructors today. Tried and tested by the OW Staff team so you don’t have to!

Now, we’re off to finish our Christmas shopping too! Have a great festive season everybody and stay safe. X

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